The Montessori Journey

September 26, 2017

At the start of every school year, Cambridge Montessori School hosts a parent education event known as The Montessori Journey. It is designed to show parents exactly what their children experience in the Montessori classroom, at all levels, from Toddlers through Middle School. It is an immensely rewarding experience and parents appreciate spending a few hours in their children’s shoes.

This year’s journey, held last Saturday, September 23, 2017, was a resounding success. 22 parents "travelled" from early childhood through middle school environments. Close to 20 faculty members facilitated this journey as parents experienced what the child or adolescent sees and feels when they enter the classroom.

Following the period of silent observation, parents worked with the Montessori materials and followed actual lessons. They spent approximately 45 minutes at each level and the teachers for that level were available to answer questions and assist with the lessons.

Year after year, this powerful event provides insight into the transitions and continuity of Montessori education, and enhances parents' understanding of how and what a student learns at Cambridge Montessori School!

Below are some initial reactions from parents undertaking the Silent Journey.

“Silence awakens all of the senses. It was calming, stimulating and relaxing.”

“It was wonderful to see how all the levels are connected and the progression from more simple works to more abstract work.”

“ I felt a true sense of joy as I worked with the Elementary math materials - an area that has always been difficult for me.”

“It was great to see how the materials talk by themselves and how they connect until Middle School.”

“Absolutely amazed and impressed… this was wonderful.”

“The way skill development is disguised in attractive Montessori materials is genius. I truly enjoyed the meditative, calm state the journey left me in.”  

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