Upcoming Webinar: Executive Functioning Skills in Young Children and Adolescents

March 25, 2015

On Tuesday, March 31st at 6:30pm, CMS School Psychologist Nicole Coman will host an online webinar about Executive Functioning. This webinar will be recorded.

The term executive functioning has recently become quite popular in school settings.  Executive functions relates to a unique set of mental functions that impact our daily lives. Both teachers and parents often have questions about executive functioning as it relates to the cognitive and emotional functioning of the student.  Everyone will have a time in their life where they may demonstrate executive functioning challenges (i.e., difficulty with organization, self regulation, focus, etc.). The goal is to equip the individual with the tools necessary to manage these challenges. This webinar will discuss:

          *An overview of executive functioning (in Primary through Middle School students)
          *Types of challenges a student with poor executive functioning skills may have
          *Effective interventions and how to teach the student skills for success

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