When you or your child’s teacher has questions or concerns about any aspect of her/his functioning at school – learning, behavior, attention skills, social skills, anxiety, etc. – the option of requesting a consultation is available through the Learning Support Team. With parental permission, the learning specialist or school psychologist will observe your child during school at a time that makes the most sense given the specific questions/concerns. As both of these staff are frequently in all of the classrooms for various reasons, observation sessions are not noticeable or unusual to the students, nor would the child being observed have a sense that he/she was the focus.

After an observation, the learning specialist or school psychologist will talk with the teacher and parents, making suggestions as to what steps to take next, if any. Possible ideas include: an academic screening for the student by the LST; obtaining an outside evaluation; making small changes in the classroom to help the child focus or stay on task; or simply monitoring the given skill or behavior over time to see if concerns continue. Often, the consultation is the first step in the process of having your child involved in direct services from the LST, which may be individual/small group academic support, setting up a behavior plan for home and school, or participating in a social skills group.

Located in the heart of Cambridge, MA, CMS is a private school serving children eighteen months through grade 8 in four distinct programs: Toddler, Primary, Elementary and Middle School. CMS educates the whole child, applying the Montessori philosophy in a joyful learning environment.

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