Middle School (12-14yr)

The vision of the Cambridge Montessori Middle School is to address the needs of young adults and to create a safe community in which they can extend themselves and take risks.  The curriculum emphasizes the relevance of its subject matter and provides a framework through which the students will see connections between themselves and the world they will soon enter as adults.  The questions we try to help our adolescent students address are:  Who am I?  Who am I in relation to and where do I fit into human society?  How can I serve other members of this society?  The CMS Middle School embraces Education for Sustainability as a guiding principle.  This logical extension of the Montessori Elementary curriculum excites children to use their imaginations and burgeoning intellect to investigate facets of the universe and to identify their place within it.

In the Middle School program, students are presented with an integrated curriculum, designed to help them make connections across disciplines and find their place in the world.  They do this by building an appreciation for the natural world and all it has provided, as well as by expanding their awareness of human progress, resources, economics, and fundamental needs.  Due to adolescents’ unique human consciousness, our Middle School students are made aware of their responsibility for life and conditions on the planet, and they are able to directly apply concepts from their Elementary education to real problem-solving scenarios.

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