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Jana Badurina-Kucan

Toddler Lead Teacher
University of Rijeka - B.A.
University of Rijeka - M.A.

AMS (0-3) Infant and Toddler Credential, Northeast Montessori Institute

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Owen Bell

Passport - Primary Extended Day Teacher
Beloit College - B.A.

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Inga Bellach

Primary Associate Teacher

AMS (3 – 6) Credential, CMTE

tbennett's picture

Tucker Bennett

Learning Specialist
University of Chicago - A.B.
Certified Special Educator

mbrandtcorstius's picture

Merel Brandt Corstius

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Amsterdam Montessori College - B.A.

Montessori (3-6, 6-9 and 9-12) Credentials, Amsterdam Montessori College

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Nicole Coman

Director of Learning Support Services; School Psychologist
Florida State University - B.S.
Duquesne University - M.S.Ed
Florida International University - Ed.S.

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Sandra Delaney

Learning Specialist
SUNY Buffalo - B.A.
University of Chicago - M.A.
Simmons College - M.A.T.
Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Mindful Schools

sflorespowell's picture

Shana Flores-Powell

Passport - Toddler Extended Day Teacher

agardiner's picture

Ann Gardiner

Primary Assistant Teacher
Wellesley College - B.A.
Goucher College - M.Ed.

wgordon's picture

Will Gordon

Middle School Teacher
University of New Hampshire - B.A.

jgriffithgomes's picture

June Griffith-Gomes

Primary Associate Teacher
Saint Lucy Secondary School

nhenry's picture

Nell Henry

Administrative Assistant
Matthew Beekers - B.A.

yishibashi's picture

Yas Ishibashi

Specialist: Toddler, Primary, Lower Elementary Music
Kunitachi Music College - B.A.

djacir's picture

Dina Jacir

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Hampshire College - B.A.

AMS (6-9) Credential, METTC (in progress)

sjacobs's picture

Sabrina Jacobs

Early Care, Toddler Gross Motor Room

djaffrennou's picture

Dominique Jaffrennou

Toddler Lead Teacher

AMI 6-12, AMS (0-3) Infant and Toddler Credential, Northeast Montessori Institute

skarmacharya's picture

Sachie Karmacharya

Primary Associate Teacher
Cambridge College - B.A.

AMS (3 – 6) Credential, NEMTEC

slaflamme's picture

Shaina LaFlamme

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Emerson College - B.F.A

AMS Certification (6-9), CMTE/NY

alynch's picture

Allison Lynch

Director of Passport Auxiliary Programs

imahmud's picture

Ibrahim Mahmud

Specialist: Toddler and Primary Physical Education

amakin's picture

Anu Makin

Primary Lead Teacher
Punjab University - B.S.
Annamalai University - B.Ed.

AMI (3-6) Ohio Montessori Training Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

dmalila's picture

Dorah Malila

Toddler Assistant Teacher / Toddler Extended Day

lmalkin's picture

Louisa Malkin

Specialist - Toddler Primary Spanish Teacher
Harvard College - B.A.

kmellor's picture

Karen Mellor

Early Care
Michigan State University - B.A.
Lesley University - M.Ed.

amiller's picture

Abigail Miller

Director of Elementary/Middle School Programs
Middlebury College - B.A.
SUNY Albany - M.A.

Center for Montessori Teacher Education (CMTE) 6-12, Credential Houston Montessori Center, Leadership Credential

aneale's picture

Amy Neale


jnett's picture

Joyce Nett

Middle School Teacher
Yale University - B.A.
Lesley University - M.Ed.

AMS (EL I-II) Credential - CMTE/NY, AMS (SEC I) Credential - WMSTEP

loleary's picture

Laura O'Leary

Administrative Assistant
University of Massachusetts, Boston - B.A.

pppaynter's picture

Patricia Palanza Paynter

School Nurse
University of Massachussetts, Amherst - B.S/R.N.

kpaynter's picture

Ken Paynter

Director of Technology
Bridgewater State College - B.S.

kpeterson's picture

Katrin Peterson

Specialist: Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School Music
Music Education, Folkwang Konservatorium of Music and Dance (Germany)
Professional Percussion Diploma, Rotterdam Conservatory of Music and Theatre (Holland)

cpetty's picture

Charlotte Petty

Toddler Lead Teacher
Bard College - B.A.

AMS (0-3) Infant and Toddler Credential, Northeast Montessori Institute

dplascencia's picture

Diana Plascencia

Primary Lead Teacher
Old Dominion University - B.S.

AMS (3 – 6) Credential, Montgomery Montessori Institute (Rockville, MD)

vqklein's picture

Vivian Quiroga Klein

Specialist - Elementary and Middle School Spanish Teacher

cschellpate's picture

Christina Schell Pate

Specialist - Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher
Skidmore College- B.S.
Lesley University - M.Ed.

mshivji's picture

Munir Shivji

Director of Toddler and Primary Programs
University of Houston - B.S.
St. Catherine's University - MAED

AMS (3-6) Credential, Houston Montessori Center, Houston, Texas NAMC (6-9) Credential, North American Montessori Center AMS (Administrator) Credential, Center for Montessori Education, New York, NY

mstempel's picture

Meghan Stempel

Upper Elementary Lead Teacher
Westfield State - B.A.

AMS (9-12) - CMTE/NY

lstiffler's picture

Laura Stiffler

Passport - Primary Extended Day Teacher
University of Delaware - B.A.

hstoehr's picture

Holly Stoehr

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
SUNY Buffalo - B.A.
Lesley University - M.Ed.

AMS (3-6 and 6-9) Credentials - CMTE/NY

wstuart's picture

Wendy Stuart

Theater Arts Teacher

lstuder's picture

Lauren Studer

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Bridgewater State University - B.S.

msullivan's picture

Mary Sullivan

Primary Lead Teacher
Columbia University - B.A.

AMS (3-6) Credential - CMTE/NY

ssullivan's picture

Susan Sullivan

Upper Elementary Lead Teacher
Wake Forest University - B.A.
Lesley University - M.Ed.

AMS (9-12) Credential - CMTE/NY

cterranova's picture

Charles Terranova

Curriculum Coordinator
Rutgers University - B.A.

AMI (Toddler, 3-6, 6-9, 6-12) Credential - AMS, CMTE, Seacoast

itucker's picture

Ingrid Tucker

Head of School
Ohio Wesleyan University - B.A.
Clark Atlanta University - M.P.A
Boston College - Ed.D.
AMS (Administrator) Credential candidate - CMTE/NY

atzelnic's picture

Alex Tzelnic

Athletics Coordinator and Specialist: Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School PE
Skidmore College - B.A.
TEFL Certification

mvelasquez's picture

Mary Velasquez

Upper Elementary Lead Teacher
Harvard University - B.A.

AMS (0-3 and 6-12) Credentials - CMTE/NY

cvernick's picture

Cheryl Vernick

Specialist: Toddler and Primary Art
New England School of Art and Design - B.A.

AMS (3-6) Credential - NEMTEC

ewalter's picture

Elka Walter

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Lesley College - B.S.

AMS (6-9) Credential - Seacoast Center

jweisman's picture

Jessica Weisman

Passport - Primary Extended Day Teacher
Lesley University - B.A.

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