Lunches and Snacks


Healthy Lunch & Snack Options

Full day campers bring their own lunch.  Lunch should be simple and nutritious, such as a sandwich, fruit, and beverage.  Lunches should be packed in non-breakable containers and clearly labeled with the camper’s name.  Passport is not responsible for heating foods at lunch.  Children should not bring soda, candy, gum, or other non-nutritious foods.  All foods brought to camp must comply with the camp’s allergy policies and the camp group’s needs.



Passport will provide campers with a nutritious snack each day.  Parents may send their child to camp with a snack if desired.  Passport discourages snacks that are high in salt or sugar content. Snacks we have provided have been:

Apples, Goldfish, Cheese & Crackers, Yogurt, Rice Cakes & Sunflowerbutter, Oranges, Fig Newtons, Popcorn and other healthy, nutritional snack options.


Allergies and Special Diets

Passport is a peanut-and nut-restricted environment.  To ensure the safety of numerous children and staff with life-threatening peanut and nut allergies, we ask your cooperation in keeping these allergens away from our campus.  While we recognize the difficulties involved in monitoring and maintaining a peanut-and nut-restricted environment, we are committed to the physical and emotional safety of our community. 

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