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December 13, 2012 by Communications

CMS featured in Briefings!

Cambridge Montessori School students are featured in the new issue of Briefings!  Briefings is a national quarterly magazine focused on "talent and leadership."  The article, "What do P. Diddy, Sergey Brin and Peter Drucker Have in Common?" quotes Toddler and Primary Program Director... » read more
December 11, 2012 by Ingrid Tucker

Head's Corner

Greetings CMS Families, I hope that you had an amazing weekend.  Hopefully you are remaining healthy during this holiday season.  I know it has been a challenge to be fully engaged without catching a common cold or sniffle.  Last week was amazing.  Every night something was “... » read more
December 07, 2012 by Communications

Festival of Lights

This year's Festival of Lights was kicked off by delicious homemade food offerings, world music, arts and crafts and conversation. Parents and children gathered in the Elementary Gym to celebrate a common winter holiday theme: light. Children engaged in wax candle making, creating paper candles and... » read more
December 05, 2012 by Alex Tzelnic, Athletics Director and Physical Education Instructor

The Education of a Gym Teacher

When I started at CMS I had never taught a physical education (PE) class before. Luckily, Ibrahim Mahmud was here to show me the ropes (literally and figuratively). Not being that far removed from PE classes myself, I wanted to make sure gym induced joy and excitement, not grumbles and groans.I... » read more
December 04, 2012 by Dr. Ingrid Tucker

Head's Corner

Greetings CMS Families, I hope that you had a phenomenal weekend.  When I left CMS on Friday, it was bitter cold and it really was “beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.”  That song evokes feelings of warmth and festivity.  Every time I hear it, I immediately revert to my childhood... » read more
November 29, 2012 by Communications

Harvard Professor Gigi Luk to Speak at CMS about Bilingualism

The Parent Education committee is sponsoring a lecture on bilingualism on Monday, December 3, at 6:30pm in the Elementary Gym.        Led by Harvard Assistant Professor of Education, Dr. Gigi Luk, this presentation will first introduce differential... » read more
November 28, 2012 by Communications

Upcoming Parent Association Events

The CMS Parent Assocation has lots of events coming up in December.  We hope you can join us for some winter fun! Please join the CMS PA for a Family Cookie Exchange on Thursday, December 13 at 6:30pm in the Art Room (Middle School Building, 96 Sherman Street).  Bring four dozen cookies... » read more
November 27, 2012 by Dr. Ingrid Tucker

Head's Corner, November 27

I certainly hope that your Thanksgiving break was spent with loved ones, rekindling old sparks, mending relationships, sharing fond and not so fond memories, or simply giving yourself an excuse to temporarily diverge from that diet you intended to go on weeks prior, in anticipation of gaining the... » read more
November 26, 2012 by Ben, Infrared Infern

Fall Festive Performance

The Upper Elementary students are a large part of the Lower Elementary play in the sense that they do all the set design and music for the play. Each of the Upper Elementary students fills out a ballot choosing lighting, set, or music and they rank their preferences. When a student is assigned to... » read more
November 26, 2012 by Communications

Let's Talk About Race

What do I say when my child asks a question about another child’s skin color? How do I talk about race with my child? Why can’t we just say what we need to say, instead of tip-toeing around and wading through politically correct speech? What is happening at CMS to approach this topic? How can our... » read more
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