Head's Corner: The Best for Our Children

October 09, 2018

A note from our Head of School:

Greetings CMS Families,

    I hope that you are enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures and that you and your children have “successfully” settled into the Cambridge Montessori community.  It’s hard to believe that it has already been a month since we started school. Research states that it takes 30 days or more to develop a habit and or getacclimated to a routine, and we all know that routines are not only beneficial for children but also for adults.

Now that you have navigated the various terrains such as nap time, bed time, screen time, extra curricular activities, child-care coverage, date night with your partner, exercise, individual work loads, doctors appointments, school events, lunch/snack preparation and carpool (to name just a few), you and your children are ready for an exciting school year! If only things could be that simple. Parenting is the most challenging and the most rewarding role we will ever have. Our primary responsibility is making sure that our children are physically and emotionally safe and sound.

As parents, we take great pride in providing the basic necessities to our children: food, shelter and above all, love. It is our desire to provide our children with the “best” that life has to offer. While the term “best” is relative, I think it is fair to say that we all want our children to have the best in life -- great friends, a stellar education, unlimited access to opportunities, and anything or any advantage that would guarantee their happiness. Afterall, parents are only as happy as their least happy child.

With that in mind, we spend a lifetime trying to ensure that we do whatever it takes for our children. We become social, emotional and financial brokers on their behalf while hoping that we will have a significant return on our investment. Recently, I called a friend of mine whom I hadn’t spoken to in a while, just to connect.  She was excited to hear from me but couldn’t talk because she was writing an essay for a history class. She has multiple advanced degrees so I was astonished and envious that she found time to enroll in a class for pleasure. She expressed her condolences on the recent loss of my dad and proceeded to tell me that she was writing the paper for her son, who just entered his 9th semester in college. Fifth year. She was determined that he would finish college in December and said that she would do whatever it took to get him across that stage! I couldn’t help but burst out in a gut-wrenching laugh (probably a combination of true laughter and a place of pain). Ten years ago, prior to Google Docs, I lost major sections of my dissertation (technology glitch) and my dad stayed up with me every night for 30+ days helping to restore my thoughts and emotions. He always fixed everything for me but he also taught me how to fix things for myself.

Parenting isn’t easy.  It really does take a village.  We want you to know that when you made the choice to enroll your children at Cambridge Montessori School, you gained an extended village, one that is committed to providing the best education and environment for your children.  We may not be able to write an essay for them or stay up late every night trying to “fix” whatever is broken, but WE ARE HERE and remain committed to their academic, social and emotional well-being while they are at CMS (and beyond).  We want to empower them to take advantage of the educational investment that you have made for them, so that the world benefits! We are your partners, and it is our hope that our CMS children have the very best that life has to offer. 


Dr. Ingrid Tucker

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