Kicking off Annual Giving at CMS!

November 03, 2016
I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with many of you over the last couple of months, be it at our Popsicle Party, Volunteer Fair, October Stay n' Play or during morning drop-off. In every instance, the pride with which you speak of our school, the glow in your eyes when you recount a special teacher-child moment and the peace of mind that you wear on your faces every morning at drop off make me one of the very lucky people on this planet who looks forward to going to work every day.
I am proud to work at a school that goes above and beyond requisites, above and beyond creating and maintaining relationships, above and beyond ensuring that every child matters. I show my pride by joining my colleagues in also going above and beyond. Here at Cambridge Montessori School, apart from the jobs we've all been hired to do, we all pitch in across campus. We truly give our all; we host sleep-unders, pitch tents with the kids, drive buses, cheer on our Middle School sports teams, showcase our classrooms for prospective families during the Open House, and last but certainly not least, we ALL donate to the CMS Fund.
Today, November 1, marks the launch of the CMS Fund, our school's biggest annual giving campaign. Our School, like all other non-profit educational institutions, sets its tuition below its cost and makes up the difference through tax-deductible gifts to our annual fund. Tuition covers only 85% of operation costs. We rely on our CMS Fund to help cover the rest.

During this month of giving, I ask you to join 100% of our faculty and staff. I ask for your support and participation in Cambridge Montessori School's annual fund - the fund for your children that supports the programs CMS students enjoy every day. Your contributions to the CMS Fund ensure that your students' experience continues to be excellent and that the comprehensive quality of education remains at the high levels that made you select CMS in the first place.

It is our hope that every family in every program will participate; any gift, of any amount, shows your dedication and commitment to our school. Last year, we raised over $210,000 for the Annual Fund and a record143 families participated in annual giving. That represents 82% of our community! This year, we aim to surpass those numbers so that our students can reap the benefits.

Show the world how strong your commitment is to the school you selected for your children. Please take the time to make your pledge or send in your contribution now.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!
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