Head's Corner, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

Greetings CMS Families,

I hope that you are well and enjoying this brisk New England weather.  I am surprised that we have not had any snow days.  Snow days are a student’s dream and most often a parent’s nightmare, especially after a recent extended holiday break.  Okay, maybe not a nightmare, but a dream deferred.   As a mom of four, I found myself watching the news praying that my kids’ schools were not on the long list of cancellations.  As an educator, I secretly hoped that my school was cancelled so that I could have that one day to myself.  I often compared watching the cancellations to a game of dodge ball.  

I had four children in four different schools.  Needless to say, their schools covered a wide range of the alphabet, with the last school practically at the end. It was a rare occasion that all four schools would be cancelled, but when it did happen, I secretly rejoiced like I just hit the lottery or won an intense game of dodge ball.   I can remember practicing my sad face and “wondering aloud” why their schools wouldn’t close in such “climate conditions.”

Living in New England has its perks: great schools, great healthcare, an incredibly rich history, awesome sports teams, and snow days!  It also has a few drawbacks such as an overpriced housing market, “wicked” traffic, and well-deflated footballs.  LOL. However, the benefits far outweigh challenges.  One of the greatest benefits is working at a school where children are truly valued.  The faculty, staff, and administrators are extremely dedicated to CMS students and our partnership with families.  It is such a gift!

Recently, my almost seventeen year-old son (and youngest child) showed me one of his baby pictures, where I was holding him in my arms.  He said, “Mom, you can tell in this picture that you love me so much.” I asked him how could he determine that from a snapshot.  He said that the look in my eyes, the way I was carefully holding and protecting him and how close I held him to my heart gave it away.  Wow. My whole body turned to mush.  He has always had a way of making me not only feel good but also think.

I began to reflect on the impact that adults have in children’s lives.  Suddenly my mind became a digital camera, capturing a steady stream of snapshots where CMS adults are carefully holding, protecting, and keeping your children close to their hearts.  Whether in the classroom, playground, during a performance, or on a field trip, it is quite obvious that your children are loved.  There is such a sense of pride observing the interactions between CMS adults and students.  It is what makes Cambridge Montessori so special.

While we have had some rather frigid days, we have not had any snowstorms.  I heard rumblings of a pending storm perhaps this weekend.  Interestingly, as my children got older and I transitioned from the classroom to Head of School, I no longer desired that “one day” for myself.  Instead, if the weather conditions are truly unsafe, I want a snow day for children, all of my children and their families.  Snow days are a gift of time.  They give families the opportunity to create the most mundane or the most memorable snapshots.  Regardless of the outcome, all that matters is the love that is captured in that moment in time.  Stay warm and have a phenomenal week.

Warm regards,


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