CMS Hosts “Open Lab” Wednesday to Explore the Hour of Code Project

December 09, 2014

The Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week is here! Learning activities are readily available online for children Kindergarten age and up. Please keep in mind that it is not a particular hour, but any hour you are able to spend this week learning about and writing code.

To help provide a special place and a time to explore the Hour of Code at CMS, we will have an "open lab" of 16 computers available on Wednesday, December 10, from 3:20 to 5:50pm in the Infrared Room in the Middle School building (96 Sherman Street). Children must be directly accompanied by parents or other caregivers during their explorations. Ken Paynter, CMS Director of Technology, will be there to help with any technical difficulties should they arise.

We are very fortunate that at least two current parents directly involved in technology fields will also be participating.

Julia Austin, a CMS parents who is the Chairperson of the Massachusetts chapter of the Hour of Code Project, will be there to share experiences with Computer Science and to help parents understand the importance of learning about it (not just coding) for the future of our kids.  The goal should be just to familiarize themselves in a safe, community, environment. Julia's key messages are:

  • Bring a friend and show them what you are re doing – could be Minecraft, raspberry pi, or a robot!
  • You don’t have to have a project in mind – we will have fun things to try when you arrive
  • Resident Computer Science experts on-hand to answer questions and learn more about the field of computer science (in our daily lives and as a career)
  • Dispel the myth that Computer Science is just for nerds! 

Also, Rick Fredkin, a CMS parent and an alumnus of CMS whose mother donated the first computers to our school many years ago, is organizing a demonstration of several innovative educational technology materials as part of his EduPorium initiative. 

Please encourage your children to participate in the hour of code this week, at home and/or at school.


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