CMS Online Learning Site Now Underway for Adult Learning Community and More!

November 18, 2014

This year Cambridge Montessori School has quietly unveiled a new learning platform (currently entitled “CMS - Hope and Promise”) which opens up many possibilities for our entire community of learners, young and old alike. It is built upon the open source software Moodle which is a vital and well-established learning management system used for K-20 education around the world (currently with over 65 million registered users). Our site also has the potential to engage directly with any of about 75 schools involved with the World Virtual School Project, a U.S. State Department sponsored consortium of international K-12 schools. The potential applicability of this platform is very high indeed!

Our new Elementary and Middle School Director, Doug Dziedzic, has begun posting a regular blog called “Elementary Elucidations” on the site. Last week our new Toddler and Primary Director Munir Shivji and School Psychologist Nicole Coman, used it to broadcast our first live and recorded webinar called “Screen time and your child. How much is too much?” within a special course for CMS parents entitled “Family Seminars”. This course also hosts a group called “Book Club”, currently managed by Doug Dziedzic, Munir Shivji and our Librarian Eliza Klureza. There is also a plan to begin to use the site for Professional Development courses for our own faculty, and to develop Montessori courses to be offered to members of the greater Montessori community.

This link to this site is most easily found from our CMS main website > QUICK LINKS > CMS Online Learning. It does require a login to see the resources, and instructions are on the right-hand side of the login page. The Family Seminars course requires an enrollment key which is cmsnow.

I am very excited about how this learning space can serve our greater community in so many ways. As always,  am very open to suggestions, questions, etc. about this or any of the other technology projects we have underway at CMS.

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