Featured Column: Building Partnerships in Service of Children

September 16, 2014

We are solidly into the school year now with students expanding friendships and getting the lay of the land in their new school year. You too, as parents, are flowing differently through your daily cycles, focusing more on work and home management since the children are back to school. The anxiety of the new year has dropped away; now more child-specific concerns like adjusting and learning are moving to the forefront of your minds. Naturally, each one of you is eager to hear how your child is doing. In turn, each of our teachers is creating a story to share with you at the upcoming Parent Conferences.   It is a story based on observation and experience; a story of parent/teacher partnerships to help each of our students achieve their maximum potential.

At CMS we are all excited to be part of your child’s most important growing years. We would like to extend our warmest welcome and sincere happiness to all our families and children who make up our unique circle of friends. In the Toddler and Primary Programs, we kicked off the fall semester with Back-to-School Orientation on September 2nd. We appreciate all the parents who attended and we encourage all our families to participate and attend our events. This gives us a chance to get to know each other as a community.

There is always something special going on at CMS. We want everyone to keep informed of all the happenings, updates, and information you need to get the most out of your child’s Montessori educational experience. To this end, we encourage all families to read all school, classroom and CMS newsletters and memos in their entirety.

Everyday, I walk the halls and see children happy and engaged. Students are independently walking to class, changing shoes, hanging up their belongings and choosing work! I also see them working through the challenges of learning new material and developing the natural love of learning. This is a primary goal of Montessori education as we know that findings one’s own strength and wielding one’s own skills to meet needs and work collaboratively are the traits that determine success.

All of our teachers along with our wonderful staff have been hard at work, developing their prepared environments to help spark your child’s imagination and bring learning to life. We have many wonderful things planned this school year for you to see the things we experience daily. A few major events coming up are the Montessori Journey and Curriculum Nights. Please check the calendar and save the dates for these upcoming events.

Parent, teacher, child and school relationships are very important in a student’s life. An alliance based on mutual respect and support will enhance all individuals’ understanding, knowledge, and insight and offer a cohesive, prepared learning environment.

In closing, I cannot emphasize enough that educating our children is a partnership of everyone within our school community. Please accept this invitation to purposefully become a force in your child’s learning experience. You will be amazed at how much you see as you discover the power of Montessori.

Please remember to check your child’s folder daily!

 Montessori Basic Ideas

I would like to periodically share basic ideas about Montessori education and philosophy. This week we focus on Respect for the Child. Basic to all of Dr. Maria Montessori’s ideas is respect for the child as an individual and for his/her ability to learn. She did not view him/her as an imperfect adult to be molded by parents and teachers into replicas of themselves. Instead, she saw the child as a person of dignity with an amazing mind unlike the adult mind in quality and capacity. How many adults can learn to speak a totally new language in two years or less? Yet, most children do this, and some can learn two or more languages, if they are spoken in the home.


Dr. Montessori saw the child as the hope of mankind, as a being that needs to be educated, not merely instructed. Given the opportunity and freedom to learn from the earliest years in the right kind of environment, the child would become an adult, capable of accomplishing anything! 

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