Head's Corner, May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014

Greetings CMS Families!

I hope that you are enjoying this lovely weather. I think spring has finally sprung.  This time of year is exciting. It represents a new season and the culmination of teamwork, cooperation and completion. We have planted, watered and toiled throughout the year and are seeing the fruits of our labor. There’s something quite special about completing a work. It is a process.

My parents always taught my siblings and me life lessons through parables, scriptures or just plain old “been there, done that” experience. One of my favorite lessons is “the race does not go to the swift, but to those who endure.” It is no secret that we have had our shares of highs and lows this year. However, as we prepare to wrap up another year, I stand by that scripture more than ever.

I had the pleasure of attending the Big MAC 5K race at Lexington Montessori on Saturday. The Big MAC is the athletic and club league, lead by CMS’ own Alex Tzelnic, for Montessori Schools in New England. The schools compete against each other in a variety of sports. They have a tradition that whether they win or lose, the teams gather after the event at the host school and share pizza.

This was the 5th Anniversary of the event and it generated lots of excitement. CMS was well represented. Our team was lead by Alex (Durell was not at the event but also coaches the team), Nicky from Passport, Luka, Leo, Tatiana, Martin, Wilson, Gwyn, Eliza and Martin. Board member Jess McLear, her husband Gavin and son 3rd year Rowan, all participated in the race.

I have a confession. I am VERY COMPETITVE. Period. As the race was about to begin, I was sizing up the competition. I spoke with several participants from different schools. There were some serious runners present! My last stop before securing a good view at the start line was with my friend of 15 years, Aline Gery, the Head of Lexington Montessori. Aline knows me well and knew exactly what I was thinking.  “Come on CMS kick some ask your mother!” As I anxiously waited at the finish line, the first few runners, all adults, came in around the 19-minute mark. Not bad. Not bad.

Then to my surprise, Luka and Leo came in shortly afterwards followed by the rest of the CMS pack, including the McLear family. My heart was doing the high jump! I was so thrilled. Not only did CMS participate in the race, they also finished in great time. CMS parents, Jen Haines Butler and I cheered as each one crossed the finish line.

Did I contradict myself? If the race is not to the swift but to those who endure, why was I as proud as a peacock? Because, I am human. Period.

Immediately following the race, my husband and I rushed off to my 16-year-old son’s AAU Basketball State Tournament. Typically, he has played on the best teams and has become accustomed to winning and always earning a spot at the National Tournament. His team had a tough year. There was some dissention between the coaches and the parents and a couple of their super stars went to other teams. My son is a super star. Yes, I said it. I am biased. We chose to stay with the team because despite some of the challenges, his coach Joe believes in him and most importantly believes in the program. The Boston Spartans battled like warriors winning two games and losing two games. They did not have enough wins in the tournament to advance to the semi-finals. This was the first time my son ever experienced defeat – and it rocked him to the core. You are only as happy as your least happy child. My heart hurt for him as I watched his eyes fill with tears.  He blamed it on allergies but I knew better.  He later confessed they were tears. I held him in my arms (he’s 6’3) and comforted him. 

The race is not to the swift but to those who endure. What a great lesson. The Spartans have some work to do but they gave it their best. We have some work to do and we gave it our best, and will continue to do so. Tomorrow, my family will head to the “Dirty South” (as referred to by my children and the rest of younger generation hipsters), Atlanta to see my oldest daughter graduate from Spelman College. She was a rebel in high school. I threatened to ship her off to reform school on several occasions. My heart is joyful as I think about her race and once again am reminded that the race is not to the swift but to those who endure. Patience. Heart. Grit. We are almost at the finish line and we thank you for being a part of the race.  Have a phenomenal week!

Warm regards,


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