Featured Column: Campus Update- Lower Elementary Expansion

April 02, 2014

Dear CMS Families,

I’m writing as the Chair of the Campus Committee to update you on planned changes to the Elementary Building. 

As announced during the State of the School address, due to increased enrollment, CMS anticipates the need for a third lower elementary classroom beginning for the 2014-15 school year.  In order to quickly accommodate this expansion, the Campus Committee has been working with school specialist, HMFH Architects, on designing a plan that can best maximize our existing space.  Attached is the anticipated plan for that redesign.  It includes creating a comparably sized third classroom in the space between the library and the windows behind Laura and Ingrid’s current office.  The area in the Amber room that was formerly Ingrid’s office would again be converted back to office space for Laura, Ingrid, and a staff break-out room.  This plan will also provide an additional student bathroom in the hallway.

The plans have not been completely finalized and we are in the process of selecting a contractor, so adjustments may occur, but we expect the plan to remain substantially the same with construction occurring immediately after school recesses through early August.  We don’t anticipate an impact on the Passport program, but the renovation will obviously prevent access to the impacted classrooms during that time.    While not our ideal plan, it is a very workable solution to a problem that we are fortunate to have. 

Additionally, the Campus Committee is also still actively pursuing a longer-term expansion.  The zoning process in Cambridge is long and unpredictable and we are attempting to lay the groundwork for a successful result including revising our original proposal.  However, our primary focus has shifted to securing control of the Elementary parking lot both for the required school parking and for future building expansion.

It’s important to note that when we speak of expansion, we are referring to the physical building expansion.  The student population will likely continue to incrementally grow as our retention in upper grades increases, but it is notthe Board’s goal to have a significantly larger student body.  It is our goal to provide campus facilities that can accommodate our current population.  

Thank you for your support during this transition.


Laura Russ

Chair of Campus Committee and Trustee

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