CMS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

December 19, 2013

It seems like just yesterday we were launching Cambridge Montessori's Middle School.  But of course this school year marks the program's seventh, and our first class of Middle-Schoolers – four young men – are now college students.  Where did the time go?  And more importantly, where are those Middle School students today? 

Nathan Worrell was the first student to officially enroll in Cambridge Montessori's Middle School program.  After graduating from CMS, he attended Belmont High School.  A superb athlete, he played lacrosse, ran track, and set a record for the 55 meter dash.  He was pursued by Division 1 and Division 3 schools for track and lacrosse, but Nathan fell in love with Quinnipiac University and began this fall.  So far, so good!  Clearly Cambridge Montessori alumni know who they are, what they like, and what works best for them.

 Orion Morrison-Worrell was the next student to enroll in the Middle School.  An incredible artist and student, Orion showed his unique style at CMS, always wondering, questioning, and seeking new ideas.  He graduated from CMS and attended Waldorf High School and Cambridge School of Weston.  Now a freshman at Vassar College, Orion continues his pursuit of knowledge.

Markus Kytömaa was the last of his family to attend Cambridge Montessori, and he was a superb student, both at CMS and at Belmont High School.  Now a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, Markus reports that he is working hard, learning much, and really enjoying his experience.  Thanks to an inspirational AP Economics class at Belmont High, he is considering studying Business or Economics at Berkeley, though he is open to other subjects as well.  Only time will tell which academic path Markus will take, but I've no doubt he will continue to set the bar high for himself – as always!

And finally, Paul Cating joined CMS's Middle School after the school year had already begun, but he quickly became a part of our community.  After graduating from CMS, he attended Brimmer and May School and Arlington High School.  By the summer of 2012, Paul had earned his GED, was studying jazz percussion at the Berklee College of Music, and was playing gigs with Bill Winiker of the renowned Winiker Bros. Jazz Ensemble.  Paul is now enrolled at Northeastern University while recording an album, City Nights.

In October, 2007, I wrote an article about our (then) new Middle School and asked our students to describe how they felt about our activities.  The boys said they appreciated "…get[ting] to do a variety of stuff" and insisted that the Middle School periods such as Phys Act and Serendipity were "awesome!"  Recently, Paul remembered fondly and appreciatively the opportunities CMS's Middle School offered – everything from the classes we had to the guitar we kept in the room for kids to play when they wanted to.  And look at that:  Now he's on his way to becoming a recording star!

I hope the education these four gentlemen received at Cambridge Montessori School played a part in their successful journeys.  I am so pleased for them (not to mention proud!) and cannot wait to hear about their continued adventures.  I look forward to keeping the CMS community updated.

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