Featured Column: Campus and Facilities Plans

October 15, 2013

Dear CMS Community, 

I'm writing as the Chair of the CMS Committee on Campus and Facilities.  We are a Committee created by the Board of Trustees and are made-up of Trustees and non-Trustees.  Last week, Ingrid and I held a series of meetings with faculty, staff, and parents to inform them about some proposed changes to our campus.  I wanted to provide an update to those of you who were not able to attend.
The attached presentation reviews the items that were covered during our information sessions.  Essentially, the Head of School and Board of Trustees made it a priority to enhance our school's facilities in last year's Strategic Plan.  In the past, the school was focused on finding a unified campus in another location.  More recently, we have begun to look at incremental options to expand in place and enhance the facilities we currently manage.
Our Committee's work has focused on the Elementary Building because we have more options for expansion at that site.  However, improvements made to this building are intended to help offset some of the overload in the Primary and Brickyard buildings as well.  To that end, we engaged with an architectural firm this summer to begin reviewing options for expanding our space into the courtyard and underused "back bay" storage facility at the Elementary Building.  
In the attached presentation, you will see further details of one of those options.  The process now proceeds with working closely with our neighbors to refine a plan that could be passed through the city's zoning process.  Once a plan is approved, the CMS community will focus on defining specific uses of the new space, fundraising, and construction phasing.
I urge you to review the presentation and ask Ingrid or any member of the Board or Committee questions you may have.  These are exciting options and are a testament to the strength of our school and the need to have our facilities better reflect our core educational offerings.
Thank you to those of you who attended the sessions and to all the volunteer members of our Committee who have furthered this process.  We look forward to continued discussions as the process moves ahead.
Laura Russ
CMS Trustee and Parent


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