Head's Corner, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013

Greetings CMS Families,

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.  It was a busy weekend for CMS.  We had a successful donor event on Saturday evening in Harvard Square and participated in the Life is Good Festival with three other Montessori schools all day both Saturday and Sunday at the Prowse Farm in Canton.  September is an exciting time for schools, and we are so fortunate to have a team that extends their commitment beyond the regular school day.  Going the extra mile helps us go from good to great and from great to exceptional!
It was so nice to see CMS families engage in authentic conversation over a terrific meal in a relaxed environment.  It always amazes me how much you learn about someone when you are away from common ground.  People seem much more inclined to be themselves.  The donor event was our way of thanking families who are committed to Cambridge Montessori and have given their time, talent, and treasure.  They are supportive of the school and also have no problems holding CMS accountable for advancing the school's mission.  They compliment us when warranted and complain when warranted. Saturday was just a way to say thank you to families for being a part our CMS Team.  I was always taught that some of the most important words in the English vocabulary are "please" and "thank you"!  Thank you!
Sunday was equally fun!  I met Director of Admissions Nicole O'Brien, her husband Chris, and their two sons Aidan and Brendan at the Life is Good Festival.  I should have known it was a going to be a great day when I was greeted by a smiling family and lots of hugs.  It doesn't get any better than that!  The Life Is Good Festival is a fundraiser to help children in need.  The event raised $1 million, all of which directly impacts children.  It was my kind of festival – music, arts, and activities.  The Roots performed Saturday night.  I missed them!  I did get a chance to get my groove on listening to Yo Gabba Gabba on Sunday!   
The purpose for our participation at the festival was two-fold.  One, we supported a great cause.  Two, we recognize that we need to expand our visibility beyond Cambridge.  We collaborated with three other local  Montessori Schools to generate interest in Montessori education.  We attracted many families to our table, Montessori style.  We simply displayed a bunch of cardboard boxes that were set up like houses.  We placed a big basket of colorful markers in the center and encouraged kids to explore and be creative.  Needless to say, it was a hug hit!  The display was "poppin" (popular – vernacularly speaking) and we met a few neighbors who expressed an interest in visiting CMS.  Although I was exhausted by the time Nicole dropped me off at home, I was enthusiastic about the weekend and excited to have so many people who are committed to CMS beyond the school day.
We are all a part of the same team.  I don't know about you, but I want to be a part of a winning team.  Every year, schools – like teams – are changing players and you can only hope for the coveted championship.  For the past few weeks I have painstakingly watched my beloved New England Patriots (although not this past weekend) barely win games.  Superstar quarterback Tom Brady knows better than anyone the importance of the right combination.  It takes chemistry, commitment, and plain old-fashioned hard work.  I make no apologies that I am competitive and having the right team really matters to me.  I went to bed early Sunday night with a smile on my face.  I dozed off into the twilight after reflecting on the how grateful I am for everyone who plays a role in this championship team.  Not all of our wins are going to be pretty, but an ugly win is better than a pretty loss!  Besides, anything worth having is worth fighting for!  March on, team!  March on!

Have a phenomenal week!

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