Head's Corner, June 4, 2013

June 05, 2013

Greetings CMS Families,

I trust that you are well. I hope that you had a terrific weekend. This time of year is exciting and absolutely insane!  Just like the kids, we as adults are also counting down the days. It is hard to imagine that this is our last full week of school. The older you get, the more time flies. It seems like only yesterday we were meeting and greeting new and returning faculty and families over popsicles at Danehy Park while children ran around the playground with sheer excitement. We shared stories about our summer adventures, our goals, our hopes, wishes and our dreams for the school year.  

Educators, like parents want the best for all children. We want to provide students with a safe and nurturing environment where they will be loved unconditionally, where they will be encouraged to dream big, where they will have limitless engagement and inquiry and where they are confident in their ability to achieve success; as it is defined by each individual student, family and teacher. We want students to leave their footprints in the sand, with each granule making an indelible mark on the vast shores stretching across from one coast to another. Those dreams aren't too lofty for CMS students. They embody the spirit and the tools that enable them to achieve our dreams and theirs.  We are fortunate that the CMS community is comprised of caring adults whose soul purpose is to sow seeds of confidence and academic and social preparedness into their lives as well as faith, hope and love.

Every day our students experience joy in and out of the classroom. They are acknowledged for their accomplishments through art shows, completion of maps, poetry readings, senior projects, identity projects, performances, and their ability to resolve conflict. They even have the chance to celebrate their birthdays with their classroom through the ceremonial "birthday walk". These walks are amazing. They are a celebration of the child, and the focus is on the child. Not every child has access to a CMS experience. Students here are aware of the gifts that most children take for granted.

In an effort to leave their footprints, CMS students are actively involved in service learning projects that help reach the community beyond our shores.  Upper Elementary students have been participating with a non-profit group “Birthday Wishes”. This Waltham based organization provides birthday parties to children who live in homeless shelters. The creation of this non-profit was the evolution of three women who were doing volunteer work in a homeless shelter. They discovered that children living in shelters didn’t celebrate, and sometimes didn’t even know when they had birthdays. Birthday Wishes gives birthday parties, including presents and fanfare, to children living in shelters. On Monday, ABC Nightly News ran a story about the non-profit and low and behold several of our students were in the segment. They can be seen with tremendous smiles and their bright red and cobalt blue Cambridge Montessori t-shirts. This is one of the many wonders of our community. We were fortunate that ABC picked up the story and we just so happen to be present. However, there are countless stories, some told and untold of the miracles that take place on 161 Garden, 90 and 129 Sherman streets. This weekend CMS families will march in the Boston Pride Parade. It is a parade that is held every year to celebrate and promote equal rights for the region’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities advocating for inclusion, equality and respect. The parade will take place this Saturday, June 8th.  You will be able to identify CMS families because they will also be wearing our signature red and cobalt blue Cambridge Montessori t-shirts.  They will be wearing those t-shirts with pride!

Our presence in this community and beyond is remarkable.  Every day we are leaving our footprints in the sand. We are doing so by our actions and our steadfast commitment to our students and families. Next Tuesday, we will gather as a community to celebrate the personal and academic milestones that our students have accomplished at our “Moving Up and Moving On Ceremony”.  It is a beautiful tribute to our students who are transitioning from one cycle to another.

We hope that you will join us as we celebrate reaching our goals, dreams and wishes for the year! Have a phenomenal week!

Warm regards,



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