Head's Corner, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

Greeting CMS Families,

I hope that you had a terrific three-day weekend. Memorial Day is a special time to remember those whose lives were lost in the line of duty. Originally established as Decoration Day in 1888 as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of those who died in the war, Memorial Day has evolved into a national holiday where not only soldiers are remembered but also loved ones we have lost over time. Memorial Day also represents a transition from spring to summer.  Summer is the most highly anticipated season of the year!     

This time of the year is particularly active at CMS. Last week we celebrated the Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School Celebration of the Arts Festival.  Our students showcased their talents through their creative artwork including self-portraits, pottery, and through their musical gifts.  The Middle School band brought down the house with their stellar performance closing the festival on a high note.  Friday we celebrated Grandparents and Special Friends Day with well over 100 in attendance!  It was such a joy seeing the faces of our students and their visitors illuminate each room, creating a ray of sunshine that did not exist on such a rainy day. In spite of the external weather conditions, CMS was sunny and warm.  

It made me reflect on my own grandparents and how much I miss them.  I miss my Mama Hazel's homemade peach cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream made from scratch!  Homemade as in everything was homemade: the crust, the peaches that were freshly picked, the ice mixed with cream straight from one of their cows. I miss the love that I immediately felt the minute I walked off the two-hour flight on Piedmont Airlines from Boston to Charlotte, N.C. The two-hour car ride from Charlotte to Badin was always an experience in and of itself. There is no way that the ride should have taken that long, but my grandfather drove 25 miles per hour "protecting his precious cargo”.        

We would arrive in Badin where there were no streetlights, no police force and no major stores except for the general store, which seemed like an extension of a summer camp store. I missed the confidence that I had when beating my grandparents in a game of Go Fish or War. I miss the long days in church, especially during revival. My first crush was on Sam Purcell, a smooth talking southern boy with skin like Hershey's dark chocolate, and a high wattage smile that would have put a little fear in Thomas Edison's light bulb invention. He was the pastor's son who accepted me for who I was at the time: a twelve year-old girl who hated wearing dresses, preferred trading baseball cards instead of recipes and who could catch anything living or swimming in the nearby creek with my bare hands. My grandparents were elated that I "caught the spirit" and was eager to join them at revival. I didn't discover until much later that they were quite aware from the very beginning of the actual spirit that I caught. 

Watching the grandparents and special friends with our CMS students was the beginning of my Memorial Day weekend. I spent the rest of the weekend reflecting on the beauty of CMS, the relationships that shape our journeys, and the people who really matter. I walked around Castle Island yesterday. It is one of my favorite places to visit! It is located in picturesque South Boston, which as a kid, I was not suppose to frequent. However, my Boston Grandmother Earlean brought me there as much as she could. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with boats and ships sailing toward and away from the city; families laughing, playing or eating at a picnic table; joggers and walkers donning Celtics, Red Sox Patriot’s or Bruins t-shirts, or sporting the latest Nike, Reebok and Adidas athletic gear.  

The age span is significant. There are newborns to centenarians, immigrants, blue and white collar, yuppies, buppies, and people with their entire bodies covered in multi-colored tattoos or beautifully “rocking” their religious garb. It is the place that I go for refuge. I put on my headphones and appreciate the Boston skyline while watching ships and boats sail across the deep blue waters. I smile that my mentor, Dr. Keith Motley is the president of nearby University of Massachusetts, Boston. I smile that the John F. Kennedy Library, another one of my favorite places, is within reach. I smile that there is a Korean War Veteran statue that pays tribute to the fallen soldiers. I smile because I can reflect in peace on all of those people and things that really matter. Memorial Day weekend is more than just a three-day weekend.  It is a chance to relive the past and project the future while paying homage to those who made an impact in your journey.  Summer is coming and I can hardly wait.  I think this summer I will make my children a homemade peach cobbler and maybe even make homemade ice cream!  

Have a phenomenal week!

Warm regards,




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