CMS' Diversity & Inclusion Committee Tackles Conversations Big and Small

May 28, 2013

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been busy! Over the course of the year, a group of interested and committed parents embraced questions and topics that not only celebrated diversity but also recognized that open and honest discussion about diversity can be tough. The committee’s goal has been to provide activities that help our community develop the language and comfort to tackle these issues with humor and grace.

Inspired by events in the classroom, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee sponsored a yearlong original morning forum series, “Let’s Talk about Race.” Different members of the CMS community led the events including our head of school, Ingrid Tucker; our program directors, Katelyn Ryan and Jennifer Haines Butler; and Caroline Berz, a current parent with many years of diversity training under her belt. Series’ topics included an open dialogue about race and how skin color impacts one’s perspective and experiences, thinking about race in the classroom and introducing concept of allies and then delving into what it means to be a white ally in a diverse community. In conjunction with this series, the committee co-sponsored Voices of the Community events organized by Facing History and Ourselves, an international organization that believes education is the key to combating bigotry and nurturing democracy.

In addition, the Committee organized community wide festivities. They continued CMS’s annual holiday tradition, Festival of Lights, which featured a potluck dinner, as well as arts and crafts activities that included candle making and a poetry reading to mark the start of the season. We also held a Families of Color Potluck. Both events sparked conversation, community and camaraderie.

Next year, in addition to continuing conversation about race, the committee will examine diversity and inclusion in the context of parenting and family styles. To kick off this theme, Cambridge Montessori School will be participating in its first Boston Pride Parade on Saturday, June 8. CMS faculty, staff, parents and students are welcome to join in to show their support for our wonderfully diverse community. If you have questions, please contact your CMS parade marshals: Kyla Graves or Rachel Gordon Nwankwo

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