Let's Talk About Race

November 26, 2012

What do I say when my child asks a question about another child’s skin color? How do I talk about race with my child? Why can’t we just say what we need to say, instead of tip-toeing around and wading through politically correct speech? What is happening at CMS to approach this topic? How can our teachers support conversations about skin color, difference and race?

These and other questions swirled through a group of about twelve parents during a conversation held by Head of School, Ingrid Tucker, on November 20. This enthusiastic and energetic group of parents gathered to talk about race, skin color and how we approach these conversations with our children both in and out of school. This forum, the first of a few to come, focused on opening the conversation in a safe environment, meant to spur a discussion about this often difficult topic: race in the U.S. Personal reflections and stories gave parents of all backgrounds insight into others’ world views and experiences. The short discussion ended with an especially poignant observation: credit what you cannot see, even if you don’t feel it or understand it. In a diverse community, listening and crediting others’ experiences may help us continue talking about race and help create safe spaces for an often-difficult subject.
These forums, sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, are open to all! We encourage all parents to attend a forum to listen, share, question and continue this important conversation. Please stay tuned for future events!
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