Fall Festive Performance

November 26, 2012

The Upper Elementary students are a large part of the Lower Elementary play in the sense that they do all the set design and music for the play. Each of the Upper Elementary students fills out a ballot choosing lighting, set, or music and they rank their preferences.

When a student is assigned to lighting they attend many rehearsals and design how the lights correspond with the production. As well as they control the lights live during the production.

The students who are assigned to the set design make the entire set by themselves. They must create all this within their designated art class time combined with the music time because others are working on the music. All of the set must be created and put up before the dress rehearsal the day of the production. After all of their hard work they get to enjoy the performance in the audience.

The students who are in the band work very hard to make the music in the play sound pristine. They also have to create background music to several songs that will be sung in the final performance. The band practices and then records the songs.

The middle school is also part of the performance. They film all parts of the play, interview kids from all classes and grades and compile all of this footage into one documentary. The middle schoolers film the students during the day and then they compile the footage in their middle school film school class.

Take a look at the making of the play documentary by the Middle School students by clicking here!

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