The CMS Library and Librarian serve students, teachers and families.  Motivating children and youth to connect with stories, ideas, and information, the Library program fosters an appreciation of literature, love of learning, and the skills to use information effectively.

The CMS Library strives to develop and make accessible a collection that supports the Montessori curriculum and contains a wide variety of literature for the enlightenment and enjoyment of the community. A parent resource collection is available in both libraries with books on child health and development, family issues and Montessori education.

Book Fair

The Library's annual Book Fair celebrates books and offers families the chance to purchase new books with a significant portion of the proceeds going to benefit the CMS Library. Volunteers needed!

Birthday Book Program

Celebrate your child's birthday and enrich the CMS Library for all of our children by giving a book to the Library in the child's honor. Our Amazon Library Wishlist for the year will soon be created.

Questions? Want to volunteer in the Library?

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