CMS Education

What makes Cambridge Montessori School so special?

A visionary and proven program, highly skilled and compassionate teachers, a creative and supportive school community, and the joy of children thriving in this urban environment!

From Toddlers through Middle School, Cambridge Montessori provides curricula and classrooms that balance both academic and social development. Classrooms are specifically prepared environments that promote children's independence and individuality and foster their natural love of learning. When it comes to a child's growth at CMS, the educational process is as critical as the educational content.

What does a learner at Cambridge Montessori School look like?

CMS learners...

  • retain their natural love of learning.
  • have open minds; they think critically and independently.
  • resolve conflicts actively and collaboratively.
  • value diversity and lead compassionate lives.
  • are active stewards of global resources and protect the commons for future generations.

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