Summer Programs

The Passport Program employs the following core values:

Peace   -   Respect   -   Creativity   -   Exploration   -   Collaboration
Independence   -   Environmental Consciousness   -   Global Stewardship

Montessori Morning (2.9-9 year olds)

Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural development. In a Montessori classroom, every exercise, every method and every piece of equipment takes advantage of a child’s inherent desire to learn. Children are free to work in groups or on their own. They may sit at a table or move about the room. Here, the curriculum and teacher's role are all carefully designed to honor self-paced growth while encouraging social cooperation.

Montessori Morning is a half-day program that focuses on transitioning from home to the classroom environment, and developing the skills needed for the upcoming school year.  This program is open to CMS and non-CMS students entering a Primary, Lower Elementary, or 4th year Upper Elementary classroom in September.

Tiny Tots (21months-2.9 years)

The Tiny Tot program is based on the Montessori toddler classroom, taking advantage of the child's natural love of learning and drive to act independently. Toddlers are immersed in a language-rich classroom in which they learn to care for themselves, preparing for the adjustment to separation in a safe environment.


Tiny Tot activities may include nature walks, water play, gardening, art and music exploration, and on-campus performances.

Lower Camp (3 year olds)

A loving and nurturing environment is the primary consideration for our Lower Campers. Our Lower Camp program is developed to accommodate your child’s individual skills and abilities within an environment that focuses on consistency, safety, and independence. Campers will engage in camp-wide activities, including enrichment activities, on campus performances and presentations.


Lower Camp activities may include visual art, nature exploration, water play, team games, and on-campus performances.

Middle Camp (4-5 year olds)

Our Middle Campers enjoy a day filled with rich camp activities including specialist-led activities, participation in recreational swimming, local field trips, and special presentations on campus. Middle Campers thrive in a child-centered environment that provides the attention and care they need while providing opportunities for choice and independence.


Middle Camp activities may include team games, storybook theater, visual arts, recreational swimming, field trips, and on-campus performances.

Upper Camp (6-8 year olds)

Upper Campers engage in a wide range of special activities with a careful balance of structure and choice. These campers swim, engage in camp performances, off site trips and adventures, and opportunities for individual decision-making, allowing them to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.


Upper Camp activities may include field trips, team games, visual arts, science and nature explorations, and recreational swimming.

Senior Camp (9-11 year olds)

Senior Campers participate in a busy week, full of fun and engaging activities. These campers swim regularly, explore off site during weekly field trips, engage in camp performances, participate in overnight adventures, and have choice in their daily schedules. Campers practice independance, are challenged by camp experiences, and form lasting friendships.


Senior Camp activities may include schedule choices, field trips, team games, visual arts, science and nature explorations, and recreational swimming.

Emerging Leaders (11-14 year olds)

The Emerging Leaders program fosters friendship, fun, and group unity for young adults by building trust and encouraging individual and group decision-making. ELs focus on accomplishing goals, reflecting on new experiences, taking initiative, and developing self-confidence. The Emerging Leader program is designed around four two week sessions that specifically target leadership development goals and life skills. These include: Camp Traditions, Investing in Your Future, Outdoor Adventures and, Social Justice and Community Service

ELs will have choice in their activities and trips, volunteer with camp groups and in the community, attend leadership workshops, play team games and explore science, nature and the visual arts.

Early Care & Extended Day

Early Care and Extended Day provide campers with fun and enriching care each day, offering a meaningful extension of their camp day in a safe and familiar environment. The program runs five days a week.

  • Early Care 7:45-9:00am
  • Extended Day 4:00-5:30pm
  • Drop-in available if space permits.
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