Primary Curriculum

Throughout the classroom, students explore specially designed Montessori materials that are multi-sensory, hands-on, concrete and self-correcting.

There is dynamic interaction among the various curriculum areas of the Montessori classroom. The specific skills of each area build upon each other and are interrelated to and dependent on skills learned in other areas of the classroom. This connection enhances children’s natural interest in and enthusiasm for learning.

Each child progresses at his or her own individually appropriate pace, allowing each to be appropriately challenged and to become proficient in each area according to individual development and needs.

Studio Arts

Creative expression is essential in a Montessori education.  To help nurture their creativity, Kindergarteners experiment in the Art Studio with different techniques and mediums through direct instruction and hands-on practice.  This experience helps students appreciate each medium’s unique qualities and exposes children to various artists, movements, and periods using games and critiques.

Musical Arts/Eurhythmics

Toddlers through Middle-Schoolers enjoy Music classes.  Concepts such as beat, meter, rhythm, tempo, and pitch recognition become internalized as children develop the ability to listen to, discover, and understand rhythmic and harmonic elements.  2nd year primary students and Kindergarteners also participate in  Eurhythmics classes, with a concentration on movement, encourage children to feel and enjoy music through physical activities.  Students regularly demonstrate their performance skills for the entire school community in Assemblies and performances.

Physical Education

Movement, cooperative games, teamwork, and athletic skills are the focus of the Physical Education program.  Each child has an opportunity to grow and excel as an individual and as a member of a group through a variety of games and athletic activities.  Toddler through Middle School students participate in regular Physical Education classes during the day.  


Our Library program supports the curriculum and educational programs of Toddlers through Middle School students, helping them expand their base of knowledge and providing meaningful lessons in the use and practices of a library.  Primary students learn how to use the library, engage in discussions of different aspects of a story and develop a deeper appreciation for books and literature.

Field Trips

Kindergarten students enjoy a variety of off-campus experiences, traveling to places such as the DeCordova Museum, Plymouth Plantation and the Marine Science Center. This allows them to have a greater experience of the community and areas around them. As well as have experiences with resources outside of their classroom.

Community Service

Children learn about our responsibility to the community at large and learn much from their experiences with others. The entire school raises funds for Heifer International, with Toddler and Primary children hosting a bake sale, Elementary children participating in “Read to Feed,” and Middle School students selling crafts.  

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