Middle School Curriculum

The Cambridge Montessori Middle School curriculum is a two-year process that occurs over the Seventh and Eighth Grades.  The work of the older students in any cycle is more sophisticated and more challenging than that of the younger students.  Each unit of study culminates in major projects and presentations of work by the students to the community to demonstrate their mastery, including a capstone project each year:  Social Activism or Ideal Cities.

Field Trips

Walls do not hold Cambridge Montessori’s Middle School in!  We celebrate our urban campus by exploring it regularly, from the ICA to the Lowell Mills.  Middle School students begin each year with a two-day community-building and leadership trip to Thompson Island Outward Bound in Boston Harbor.  Every other year, students travel to Washington, DC to study the Civil Rights Movement.  All of the Middle School learning comes together at year’s end with an annual Farms and Cities trip where the students apply their experience and knowledge from their lessons to real-life work on a farm and an exploration of Cambridge and Boston.

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