Elementary Curriculum

The spiral curriculum of the Montessori classroom exposes students to many interrelated topics repeatedly over time.  With each repetition, children build on the knowledge they already have about a topic, delving deeper into the details, seeing the connections more clearly, and ultimately developing a deep understanding of our complex world.  The core of the Montessori Elementary curriculum is known as “Cosmic Education” and includes profound lessons, such as the origin of the universe, life on Earth, the emergence of humans, and the history of math and writing.

In the sixth year, the last of Elementary, students embark on a year-long activity known as Senior Project. Here, they integrate the research and academic skills that they have acquired throughout their Elementary years.  Students first write a research paper on a topic of personal interest and then present an oral report on that topic to the school community.

Theater Arts

Theater Arts expands the abilities of Elementary students to understand others and communicate through language and action.  Theater activities require students to take risks, make decisions, and develop a focused awareness of who and what is around them. Dance, music, visual art through improvisation, storytelling, mime, playmaking and playwriting, directing, management, design, and technical theater are all used to enrich the classroom experience.  Elementary students showcase their talents at the Fall Festive Performance and the springtime Upper Elementary Play.

Physical Education

Cooperative games, teamwork, movement, and athletic skills are the pillars of the Physical Education program.  Each child has an opportunity to grow and excel as an individual and a member of a group through a variety of games and athletic activities during regular Physical Education classes.  The wintertime brings “Ski School” to the Elementary Program, and students participate in group skiing or snowboarding lessons at a nearby skiing area.  In addition, a variety of athletic clubs are offered after school for students.

Field Trips

Elementary students enjoy a variety of off-campus experiences, traveling to places such as the Harvard Peabody Museum and the New England Aquarium.  Overnight camping trips are a wonderful Elementary tradition and provide a unique opportunity for children to learn about nature, practice independence, and bond with one another.  Older children act as mentors and leaders for younger children and help build and strengthen a sense of community.  Lower Elementary students travel to “Nature’s Classroom,” and Upper Elementary students travel to “Kroka Expeditions.”

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