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Cambridge Montessori School values our families and hearing about their experiences.  Several families and alumni have shared their thoughts below.  We look forward to hearing from more families and alums as we prepare to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

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Having spent a lifetime in higher education, I marvel how CMS instills in students at an early age the qualities vital for long-term academic and life success. Over the years my two boys (now in lower elementary and middle school) have matured and developed intellectually, socially and physically beyond all of my expectations. CMS produces well-balanced, confident and articulate young people with a deep respect for each other and the entire CMS community. We all know the sterling reputation of the Montessori system, but CMS’ results are due as much to the remarkable faculty and staff. Whether in the classroom, or at recess, or during the many varied activities, they create a supportive and stimulating environment where youth can thrive. Thank you for your dedication!

-Chris Colombo
Dean for Student Life, MIT

We love that CMS is a close-knit community, with excellent leadership and rich diversity. We appreciate that as a family we have been able to contribute in a variety of ways. We also love how CMS is providing the opportunity for our two children to build an academic and practical life foundation based on mastering concepts in a concrete and abstract way at their own pace. CMS has kept our kids challenged and excited about learning which is a testament to how CMS executes the Montessori method.

-Andre (Graduate student at Harvard GSD) and Jasmine (filmmaker, Giddy in Love LLC) White

We loved CMS for each of our very different children.  In all of our 21 child years at CMS (9 years for each child), there was never a day they did not love going to school! So far, the two who have transitioned to public school have excelled academically, and are great masters of their time and education.  Math at CMS was superb.

-Janie Katz-Christy, Director
Green Streets Initiative, Inc.

Our two children are in their third year at CMS and it's been remarkable to watch our children learn on their own terms within a framework of freedom and responsibility. The materials, the social environment, the patient guidance provided by the teachers, all work to open the interior of the child to learning and growth.  This is learning that is not "imposed" -- it is not a collection of facts, it is the discovery of the whole that can lead to fact-based knowledge.  Watching our children naturally discover their interests in a safe but challenging environment has helped us as adults see our own innate curiosity and drive differently.

-Greg Russ, Executive Director of the Cambridge Housing Authority

As a professor at MIT, I have had an opportunity to see what sets apart the truly outstanding students from their peers. Very simply, it is curiosity - a drive to explore, and a sense of happiness when so engaged. Many students can assimilate facts, but only a few see them as starting points for new adventures. It is precisely this appetite for discovery that the Cambridge Montessori School is so good at inculcating. We have marveled at the masterful subtlety with which the CMS teachers have ignited our son's interest in domains as diverse as mathematics, geography and history. To get a thoughtful question about the big-bang from a six year old is unsettling at first, but ultimately a powerful testament to a wonderful schooling system that gets children thinking about the deep structure of the world they inhabit. 

-Pawan Sinha, Ph.D.
Director, Project Prakash
Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
MIT Cambridge, MA

 Our oldest son attended another private school in the neighborhood after kindergarten at CMS since the school did not extend to elementary and middle school back then. Luckily, our twins now have the opportunity to stay through 8th grade in a classroom environment, which continuously builds upon their individual talents and development stages. Our kids literally run to school every morning, eagerly anticipating every facet of their school day! We are convinced that this enthusiasm for learning is the biggest gift we can give them for their future.

-Young K. Park, President, Berkeley Investments

 I’ll always have great memories of my time at CMS. I came to school when I was just two years old and left last year after graduating from the middle school.

One thing that I got to take away from CMS is a strong sense of community and the big family that I had there.  In CMS people accept and respect you for who you are. Teachers are not there just to teach you math, English, etc., they care and support you, and they are there for you every step of the way no matter what.

I know that when I am stressed or nervous about something I can always go back there and it feels like going home.

-Mia Kucan, Class of 2012

I left CMS after finishing middle school. Looking back at my time at CMS, I can say that it is a safe, welcoming community which addresses every students' needs; preparing them with resilience, a vital skill to facing the world.

 -Carolina Ramos, Class of 2012

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